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The Art of Racquetball


Ruben Gonzalez 

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Ruben has been playing professional racquetball for more than 25 years. He was inducted into the Racquetball Hall of Fame in 2000, while still an active top 10 player on the Pro Tour. In addition to being a former #1 player in the world, Ruben holds more than 20 US Open, National Singles, Pan American, World Singles, World Doubles, and Pro Tour Titles.  Most notably, he won back-to-back National Doubles titles with partner Mike Guidry in 2002 & 2003.  He has been a member of the US National Team for more than seven years. While still active on the IRT Tour, Ruben also plays regular exhibition series with fellow legends in the Classic Pro Racquetball Tour..                   

Ruben continues to show the creativity and imagination that has kept him at the top of his sport for so many years.  For some time, Ruben has been interested in pursuing his talent in art, with a racquetball flavor. Most of Ruben's work has a distinctive racquetball theme, but many pieces will appeal to a broad range of modern art lovers.  After an exciting debut at the 2004 US Open Championships, Ruben's artwork has taken off with sales coast-to-coast.

 Sales of more than 100 works have seen that Ruben's art is growing fast in both popularity and value. Many pieces have more than doubled in value.


All pieces are original acrylics or multi-media , not prints.


Classic CBK














 Splat Shot     19'' X 24''   unframed

Power     22'' X 30''    unframed



An original  Ruben  makes an excellent gift for your racquetball enthusiast or for any art lover.

 A Ruben is perfect for every occasion:   

birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, or special events.


You can request personalized colors or logos. 

Ruben accommodates many custom requests.

You can purchase your pieces unframed or customize them with professional matting and framing


To acquire a valuable piece of unique original art,

contact Ruben at  917-733-5942 or

email him at  ruben@rgrball.com .

You should own several.


Begin your collection now.




All pictures, photos, and original artwork is the copyrighted property of Ruben Gonzalez and may not be used  in any form without his express written permission.



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